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Is Vince Gluten Free and safe for Coeliacs?

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Yes, Vince is gluten-free and processed in our facility, with no other gluten-containing products. We regularly test Vince to ensure this claim.

How much water should I use to hydrate Vince?

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Use one measured cup (250mls) of boiling water to one cup of Vince, please note that you should use more water for a “wetter” texture or as little as half if making meatballs or burger patties.

Is Vince suitable for Vegans?

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Yes Vince is completely Vegan ☺️

Can I mix Vince with Beef Mince?

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Many of our customers use Vince in this way to improve the nutritional quality of their regular beef mince meals, just hydrate as per normal, mix with raw beef mince and pan fry as per usual.

Vince risk free purchase

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If you are unhappy for any reason we would love to hear of any issues you are having with Vince, it helps us improve our service and we will not take it personally.

Is Vince available for Foodservice?

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Yes, as café owners of 10 years prior to founding Vince we enjoy engaging and can provide menu ideas and training to use Vince in your cafe or restaurant.


Do you ship Vince internationally?

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Yes, we can ship Vince to countries outside of NZ pop us an email and we will discuss. We are currently working on vendors in Japan, UK and Australia.


Is Vince packaging recyclable?

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Our packaging is currently soft plastics recycling which means it is recyclable through the collection points, we are looking at innovative technologies for fully recyclable packaging. Our courier packaging is HOME compostable =) You can find a list of locations for soft plastics recycling here:

Can I buy Vince in bulk?

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Yes we also sell Vince in 500g and 1kg packs through our website which is a wonderful way to reduce the amount of plastic and save some money!

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